What does the state of emergency mean for residents of Fort St. John?

On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, Fort St. John City Council declared a local state of emergency.  At this time, the declaration doesn’t change what we can and can’t do as residents of the community.

You can still go to work, you can still leave your house, you can still shop at a local store.

Most importantly this local state of emergency doesn’t change any of the recommendations made by Dr. Bonnie Henry.  You still need to maintain proper social distancing and follow the guidelines from the Province.  Schools are still closed, restaurants are only open to take out and delivery and personal care businesses are closed.  

What the declaration means for the City of Fort St. John is it can act to make changes quickly in the community if there is a need because of COVID-19. 

By declaring a state of emergency, it gives the City more power in employment services, the rationing of food and supplies if needed, and asking industry partners to minimize impacts to the local health system by setting up their own isolation and quarantine measures.

The City’s main concern is around industrial camps outside of Fort St. John and the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak at one of those facilities including Site C. The City wants to make sure large industrial camps create there own quarantine measures to safely and adequately deal with those needing assistance, not hospitalization.

Below is a copy of the full Council meeting in which Council decided to move forward with the local state of emergency.

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Here is a copy of the state of emergency and the press release from the City of Fort St. John.