Many fitness centres across Canada have closed their doors in an effort to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Chain gyms, including Goodlife Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Hone Fitness, LA Fitness and the YMCA, have all temporarily closed, as have independent fitness studios.

It can be challenging enough to stay motivated to work out at the best of times, let alone at home and possibly alone.

But the shutdowns have prompted both instructors and gymgoers to come up with creative ways to stay fit during the pandemic.

Here are some tips on how to stay on top of your workouts while fitness centres are closed.

Change your mindset

For those who need an incentive to work out at home, Cassie Day, a Toronto-based personal trainer and owner of All Day Fit, said it’s important to think about what exercising does for your health.

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Working out is not only beneficial for your physical health, she said, but for improving your mental well-being, too.

“Stress is a silent killer of health,” Day said.

“We live in a chronically stressed-out society –– especially right now. The best thing we can do is manage our stress, and workouts are a great tool for this.”

6:59Managing anxiety during the spread of coronavirus