Starting Monday, March 23, 2020, Moose FM/ will close its office to the public and all staff will work from home. Moose FM will remain on the air to make sure we continue to provide vital information to our community. All of our regular programming will continue like normal.

While our office is closed, in-person prize pick-up will not be allowed. All prizes will be mailed. If you have a question about your prize email

If you can make sure to support those around you. Whether it’s those more vulnerable members of our community or local small businesses. Also, help us keep this list of what’s open and closed up to date:

All in-person community interviews will be cancelled until further notice.

If you need to contact us while the office is closed, call 250-787-7100, text 250-800-2360 or email All news releases should be sent to

Thank you for your understanding and together we will make it through this challenging time.