FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This week’s Huskies Player of the Week is #23 Defenseman Jared Loewen.

Each week, a different player from the Huskies will be interviewed.

As part of a weekly feature, Jared was met at the rink to talk about himself and his team effort.

Jared Loewen Facts:

  • Age: 21
  • Height: 6′1″
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Shoots: Left
  • Hometown: Alton, B.C.


  • How long have you been with the Huskies?

Jared: “This will be my fourth year laying with the Huskies. I’ve AP’d with them a little bit, a couple of games about five years ago. So, yeah, it’s been a while.”

  • What position do you play?

Jared: “I play defence.”

  • How would you describe your style of play?

Jared: “I’m not a stay-at-home defenseman, but I’m not an offensive defenseman either, so I guess I’m just somewhere in between there.”

  • What is your favourite moment with the Huskies?

Jared: “For a favourite moment, it would’ve been the first championship we had won, it felt like such a relief to finally to get that one. That was very special for us.”

  • Who’s your favourite hockey team?

Jared: “I don’t know but for play-offs, I go for any Canadian team but that is hard to stand behind, so I like to usually watch the Washington Capitals.”

  • Who your favourite hockey player?

Jared: “Erik Karlsson is a fun guy to watch.”

  • What’s your favourite food?

Jared: “Steak and baked potato.”

  • What kind of music do you listen to?

Jared: “Whatever the boys put on, a little bit of everything.”

  • What do you hope for the future, in terms of this season?

Jared: “I have my sights set on a Provincial Championship and this whole team does too.”