FORT ST JOHN, B.C. – On Saturday, the Willow Moon Internal Arts Club celebrated the Chinese New Year by honouring several traditions.

They recognized and explained that based on the Chinese calendar, which has been kept for the past 4,719 years, we are now in the year of the Rat.

Contrary to Western beliefs, in Eastern Culture, the Rat symbolizes resourcefulness, creativity and passion; therefore, Rat years are notorious as years of transformation.

To celebrate this, as well as the clubs 41 years of operation and ten years of teaching, the Willow Moon Internal Arts Club put on several Ti Chi demonstrations to start the evening.

With students in all levels of experience, from beginner to 20 plus years in the practice, they all worked together to create beautiful performances filled with synchronized and controlled movement.

Beginning with a demonstration called the 24 movements, they structured it so that the more experienced students were on the outside with less experienced on the inner side of the group, allowing for everyone to be supported.

This same concept carried over to the other performances, such as the 48 movements and water style Ti Chi presentations.

All of these styles have been practiced for hundreds of years. They were developed in the east and represent health and harmony with the universe.

In addition to the knowledge and performances shared, the evening also included a social which meant there was a variety of traditional Chinese teas served as well as snacks and other refreshments.

All together, making it a very engaging event that showed some Eastern culture and was very inclusive in explaining the concepts behind it all.