HUDSON’S HOPE, B.C. – Following a wet summer and fall, B.C. Hydro reports that a significant amount of precipitation was received to help restore water levels at the Williston Reservoir.

While the Reservoir did receive quite a bit of precipitation, Bob Gammer, of B.C. Hydro, says levels are still below average but are higher when compared to levels from a year ago.

According to Gammer, the reservoir’s levels currently sit at approximately 2,176 feet above sea level and are about 9 feet higher than last year.

Gammer says the inflow levels at the reservoir have been lower than average for the past three years in a row, causing water to be drawn down to close to 2,150 feet in the early spring.

Inflow levels rely on factors such as amounts from precipitation and snowpacks, and Gammer says Hydro will release its spring forecast soon to see where levels will be at for this year.