FORT ST. JOHN – With the recent closure of a coin laundry business leaving residents without options, a new laundromat is currently being built to help fill the need.

After a local coin laundry business closed its doors, this left residents without a convenient or viable option for washing clothes, with people turning to social media upset and unsure how to tend to this necessity for modern life.

Local businessman Trevor Bolin became aware of the situation at hand, from social media posts, sharing that based on the outcry to social media shows how important the need is.

Bolin goes on to express, not everyone has the funds to be able to afford what most people take for granted. Even though laundromats are closing, the need is still strong in Fort St. John, stated Bolin.

“In a conversation with Wanda from Action Property, she confirmed that up to 60% of rentals in FSJ don’t have an in-suite washer and dryer and the need for a nice, clean and welcoming laundromat is as big today as it was a decade ago,” said Bolin.

Bolin is currently developing Gateway Laundry that will be situated in the Gateway Plaza between Pita Pit and Sticky’s Candy. Gateway Laundry will be a staffed location for safety and convenience. Offer 20 coin-operated washers, dryers and a lounge area. The goal is to be open for March, shared Bolin.

According to Bolin, Fort St John is getting busy and will continue in the coming months and years, getting busy means a need for services, he shares. “We are a growing city, with a diverse culture and we need businesses that can support the needs of both new and existing citizens,” said Bolin

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