FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers of BC are encouraging British Columbians to participate in the government’s ‘Together for Wildlife’ strategy questionnaire.

The deadline to provide feedback on the questionnaire is Thursday, January 9, 2020.

The government recently released the ‘Together for Wildlife’ A proposed pathway for improving wildlife management and conservation in British Columbia. The 16-page report covers topics such as goals, visions and actions the government seeks to ensure stewardship over Wildlife.

The Backcountry Hunters and Anglers of BC (BHABC) provided a press release relating to the Province’s strategy sharing they have long been the vanguard of wildlife conservation efforts in the province.

Going on to say the members of the B.C. chapter are pleased to see the government put forward a plan to improve wildlife management and habitat conservation through the “Together for Wildlife” proposal.

The release goes on to say, the proposed strategy aspires to develop clear and measurable objectives for wildlife stewardship and then use policy and “on-the-ground” actions to achieve them.

Yet the release goes on to express the BHABC’s concern with the government’s high- level set of aspirational statements, noting turning aspirations into reality will require careful and dedicated implementation.

A further concern is for the criteria for involvement on the Provincial Minister’s Wildlife Advisory Council and Regional Wildlife Committees must be carefully developed. The BHABC’s shared, too often, decisions that impact the health and management of ecosystems are made by special interest groups, emotional responses to hot-button issues, or short-term economic goals. When decisions are made this way, it is to the detriment of wildlife populations and habitat. Participating members on the Provincial Minister’s Wildlife Advisory Council and Regional Wildlife Committees must be committed to wildlife stewardship and not prejudiced by trend social issues or special interests.

Additionally, the BHABC shares the strategy presented does not adequately describe the funding models that will be employed to achieve provincial wildlife stewardship goals.

In closing the BHABC expressed, the Together for Wildlife Strategy commits to stewarding provincial wildlife populations through the protection, conservation, restoration and recovery of wildlife and habitat and the enforced regulation of human activities. This admirable goal will only be achieved if legislation puts habitat conservation and wildlife management on the same footing as economic growth, development, and social issues. We are concerned that the legislative commitments in the Together for Wildlife Strategy will be insufficient to elevate wildlife stewardship as a provincial priority and would like to see the province reconsider the development of specific legislation for habitat conservation and wildlife management. 

The BC Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers urges all British Columbians who care about wildlife management, habitat conservation and wilderness preservation to comment on the Together for Wildlife Strategy.

Strategy for Wildlife Questionnaire; CLICK HERE 

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