VANCOUVER, B.C. – A first of it’s kind Natural Resources Survey is currently underway to gather a baseline of information of today’s forestry, mining, energy, agriculture and other natural resource fields.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to fill out on-line and will help to provide important data that will help give provide clarity for the current state of resource sectors yet also provide a basis for comparison for future surveys and identifying trends.

The survey is open to anyone who lives in a community connected to natural resource industries in British Columbia.

The questions were drafted by a steering committee of industry leaders from across the different natural resources sectors and then refined by the research experts at Abacus Data.

The surveyors desired participation goal is to exceed more than a thousand respondents and they would like to see a strong representation of rural and urban respondents.

This survey, hosted on the platform, is a joint effort by C3 Alliance Corp. (the organization that runs the BC Natural Resources Forum each year in Prince George), the BC Chamber of Commerce, and research company Abacus Data.

Results will be unveiled at the BC Natural Resources Forum this January 2020.  

“Whether you work on the front lines in forestry, gas, or mining, or are far removed from resource sectors in a downtown high-rise or a suburban retail shop—this survey is for you,” said C3 Alliance Corp.’s President and CEO Sarah Weber. 

“If you’re living in the north – your voice needs to be heard,” said Val Litwin, President and CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce. “Northerners appreciate more than most that even if you aren’t working directly in the resource sector the prosperity of your community and family is connected to it.”

“BC’s inaugural Natural Resources Survey gives all British Columbian’s a chance to weigh in on the sectors that power our provincial economy,” said Litwin. “Some sectors are facing headwinds, no doubt, but we have a chance to make courageous, innovative decisions today about how these sectors will power our future prosperity tomorrow. No matter where you hail from in BC, this survey takes stock of people’s perceptions when it comes to natural resources, their assessment of the obstacles holding sectors back and their ideas for a quantum leap, sustainable growth.”

The BC Natural Resources Forum will be held at the Prince George Civic & Convention Centre from Jan. 28-30, 2020.

To access the survey; CLICK HERE