FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Woman’s Resource Centre received a substantial food donation in part to Fort Motors and Bert Bowes, Students for Change through the We Scare Hunger Campaign.

On Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 the Woman’s Resource Centre was the happy recipient of four truckloads of donated food items thanks to the joint effort.

We Scare Hunger is a national non-perishable food campaign through a partnership with the WE Movement which is aimed at helping the hungry in Canada while at the same time educating youth about local hunger issues.

Parker Dalayni McCreadie of Fort Motors shared the Student for Change from Bert Bowes collected 2500 non-perishable food items. During the month of October Dalayni McCreadie collected donations and with the raised money she purchases food to be donated to the Woman’s Resource Centre.

“For the month of October, I raise money throughout our dealership and encourage people to donate if they can. At the end of the month, I take what money was raised and spend it at the grocery store before we take all the donations to the centre,” said Dalayni McCreadie.

Dalayni McCreadie shared, this was the second year Fort Motors has teamed with the Students for Change and each year there seems to be a greater improvement from both of them.