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Charleswood St. James Assiniboia Headingley

This west Winnipeg riding has switched between Conservative and Liberal in recent decades. Former Conservative cabinet minister Steven Fletcher was defeated in the 2015 election by Liberal Doug Eyolfson, partly helped by the fact the New Democrat candidate was kicked out over social media comments. This time around, Fletcher is running for the seat under the People’s Party of Canada led by Maxime Bernier, and the Conservatives have a former city councillor carrying their banner.

Population: 82,574 (Elections Canada, 2016)

Incumbent: Liberal Doug Eyolfson

Main challengers: Conservative Marty Morantz, a lawyer and Winnipeg city councillor; New Democrat Ken St. George, a nurse; Steven Fletcher of the People’s Party of Canada, a former federal cabinet minister and member of the Manitoba legislature; the Green Party’s Kevin Nichols, a public servant.

Election history: Eyolfson, a longtime emergency room physician, won the seat in the last election with 52 per cent of the vote to Fletcher’s 39 per cent. Prior to that, Fletcher held the riding for 11 years for the Conservatives. Liberal John Harvard held the seat before Fletcher.

Fun fact: This riding is a mix of city and rural areas. It includes Winnipeg’s international airport, its zoo and Manitoba’s largest provincial jail.

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