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OTTAWA — The Liberals scooped the Conservatives in revealing a handful of the numbers from their election platform’s costing Friday, accusing Tory Leader Andrew Scheer of trying to “bury” billions of dollars in cuts.

Scheer has been repeatedly attacked by his rivals for delaying the release of the document, with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau quipping earlier this morning that no one releases their best work on a Friday afternoon ahead of a long weekend.

The Liberals say the Conservatives are planning $53 billion in cuts over five years.

Scheer is to release the party’s platform in Tsawwassen, B.C., this afternoon.

He’s already made numerous promises of tax cuts and spending increases, and the document is to explain how those square with a pledge to balance the federal budget within five years.

The material comes out after the last leaders’ debate before election day on Oct. 21.

This report by the Canadian Press was first published on Oct. 11, 2019.

The Canadian Press

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