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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – As part of an election campaign, Bob Zimmer, Conservative incumbent for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies, announced on Friday a plan that would see Federal support for British Columbia’s ailing forestry sector.

According to Zimmer, if a Conservative government is formed following the Federal Election, a plan will be implemented that would see Federal support go towards helping out the workers affected by mill shutdowns and curtailments, among other issues.

Some of the ways the Conservatives plan to support forestry include striking a natural resources competitiveness task force, increase funding to control pest species, and resolve the softwood lumber dispute with the United States.

Zimmer accuses the current Liberal Government of showing a lack of respect towards affected communities and that they are showing no interest in supporting the forest workers.

“This Liberal Government has shown a complete lack of respect for these rural communities as this crisis has unfolded. It is clear to the forestry workers in BC that the Liberals’ Western Economic Diversification program is not working for them. And to stress further disinterest from the Liberals on this issue, the words Softwood and forestry are not mentioned in the Liberal party platform even once.”

An estimated 5,900 people have been affected by mill shutdowns and curtailments.

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