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MONTREAL — An advocacy group for the visually impaired is calling out political parties for their low-hanging Montreal election signs that create a hazard for those unable to see them.

In Montreal, election signs are often hung from posts and stacked one on top of the other to ensure visibility. But if they aren’t hung high enough, they can cause a safety issue.

Jerome Plante, a spokesperson for the advocacy group, says the cane he uses to get around doesn’t help much in detecting signs that are hanging chest- or head-high.

Plante says the problem in Montreal is a recurring issue during federal, provincial and municipal elections held in the city.

Spokespeople for the Conservatives, Liberal and NDP campaigns all say they’re taking stock of the issue and working to move signs as needed. 

Elections Canada says it doesn’t have any set rules about how electoral signs are displayed, and complaints typically fall to municipal authorities.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 1, 2019.

The Canadian Press

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