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St. John’s South-Mount Pearl

Liberal incumbent Seamus O’Regan has bounced back to a high-profile cabinet role but has taken heat back home from the oil and gas sector over Bill C-69, the government’s legislation to overhaul environmental assessments. After harsh criticism during his time as minister of veterans affairs, can O’Regan hold his seat in a riding with a history of electing representatives from a range of parties?

Population: 81,979 (2016 census)

Major communities: Mount Pearl, St. John’s

Incumbent: Seamus O’Regan, minister of Indigenous services and former TV news host.

Main challengers: Conservative candidate Terry Martin, a charity fundraiser; New Democrat Anne Marie Anonsen, a town councillor and consultant; Green party candidate Alexandra Hayward, a student and activist; Ben Ruckpaul for the People’s Party of Canada.

Election history: The district has elected members from three major parties since it was formed in 2003 from the former district of St. John’s West. Conservative MP Loyola Hearn held her seat from 2004 until losing to Liberal Siobhan Coady in 2008. New Democrat Ryan Cleary won the seat in 2011 but lost to O’Regan in 2015.

Fun Fact: Mount Pearl is the second-largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador. Incorporated in 1955, it’s a relatively young city in the province known as home to the earliest European settlements and fishing communities in Canada.

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