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VANCOUVER — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he will still ratify the new North American free trade deal if he becomes prime minister even though he thinks Canada got railroaded by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Scheer had a wide-ranging chat with reporters on an overnight flight to Vancouver Sunday in a bid to put his campaign back on solid footing following another day of message trouble delivered by Liberal researchers digging up dirt on Tory candidates.

He pointed to a report in the Globe and Mail Saturday which suggested Liberal leader Justin Trudeau gave up a lot of concessions to Trump when NAFTA was renegotiated last year.

Scheer said Trudeau should have told Canadians that he would try his best against Trump — though he may not be able to deliver — but instead he promised a better deal.

And the result, said Sheer, was a disaster for auto workers and dairy farmers in particular who now have quotas and export restrictions they never had before.

However, Scheer said he would still work to ratify the deal Trudeau saddled Canada with because not doing so would create havoc for the Canadian economy.


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