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KANATA, Ont. — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is on the defensive again about one of his would-be MPs.

Several Liberals took to social media today to share an appearance Tory candidate Justina McCaffrey, a noted dress designer, made in a years-old online video with far-right political commentator Faith Goldy, as part of a pitch for a television show.

Goldy was among six Canadian people and groups banned by Facebook in April after the platform decided they had broken its policy on spreading hate.

The Liberals also raised comments McCaffrey made about Trudeau being “preoccupied” with Quebec and francophones — comments she is apologizing for in a statement, but without mentioning Goldy.

Scheer says he won’t have anything to do with Goldy and is accusing the Liberals of trying to distract from their record in government and their own problematic candidates, including one accused of making anti-Semitic comments who has since quit the race.

The Conservative leader says his party has been open about issues with its candidates, including some who have apologized for past comments, using it as a way to draw a distinction with Justin Trudeau.

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