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Bob’s Weekly Report

When the Federal Court of Appeal recently issued its ruling that six legal challenges to the Trans Mountain pipeline project can proceed on an expedited basis, it included an important – and extremely disappointing – detail.

The Court noted that the Liberals did not intervene in the request for an appeal process and “took no position for or against the leave motions brought by the Indigenous and First Nation applicants”.

By failing to submit a defence against eleven of the twelve motions to overturn the Liberals’ approval of the project, Justin Trudeau has refused to stand up for the Trans Mountain pipeline in court.

This refusal confirms our worst suspicions. That the Prime Minister never had any intention of seeing this pipeline built but has spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to rag the puck on the issue until after the election. This also comes after he has spent four years chasing away investment and jobs in Canada’s energy sector, with bills like C-69 and C-48.

Canada’s Conservatives are the only party that have fought for, and will continue to fight for, the Trans Mountain pipeline and our energy sector.

Within a week of the Federal Court of Appeal ruling in August 2018 that overturned the approval of the Trans Mountain Expansion, Conservatives put forward a plan to rescue the project and get it built. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau ignored our recommendations and the Trans Mountain pipeline has continued to face repeated roadblocks including this latest court ruling.

This isn’t the way it has to be. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has also outlined what a Conservative government will do to reverse the Liberals’ disastrous energy policies and get projects like the Trans Mountain Expansion built. The six-point plan will:

  • Cancel the carbon tax;
  • Repeal Bill C-69, the No-More Pipelines Bill;
  • End the ban on shipping traffic in British Columbia;
  • Establish clear timelines and get Indigenous consultations right up front;
  • Ban foreign-funded advocacy groups from disrupting our approvals process; and
  • Assert federal jurisdiction when necessary.

Under Justin Trudeau, Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for a $7 billion pipeline without seeing an inch of this pipeline built. The Liberals didn’t even bother to defend their approval of the Trans Mountain expansion in court.

Our energy workers deserve better than this. Andrew Scheer has a plan to support Canada’s oil and gas sector and help energy workers get ahead.

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