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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – While most parts of British Columbia saw warmer temperatures and dryer conditions throughout the month of August, Fort St. John and the Peace Region saw the opposite.

According to Environment Canada Meteorologist, Doug Lindquist, Fort St. John saw cooler than normal temperatures with an average of 13.3°C, 1.6 below the normal average of 14.9°C, along with an above-average amount of rain of 93 mm, 42 mm more than the average.

When looking ahead to the next couple of weeks, Lindquist says it looks like the temperature could be higher than normal, warmer than what was experienced during August.

“It looks like a fairly high probability that the temperature will be above average, we’ll see if that pans out, at least for the rest of the month.”

As for the Fall, Lindquist says the outlook shows uncertainty as the Peace Region has been experiencing a persistent ridge of high pressure over the Pacific which has been bringing colder air and precipitation.

Lindquist hopes that the uncertainty transforms into a nicer fall than compared to the wet summer.

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