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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A recently locally developed app has already aided in the assistance of stopping crime within the Peace.

Last week, the app, ‘Lightcatch’, aided in locating a truck that was stolen from Fort St. John and used in a crime.

Lightcatch Founder Darren Boyer, says the app is a service that is designed to give everyone the ability to stop trouble around them, such as stopping crime.

Boyer adds that the app is a simple concept that has not been done before as everyone now uses a mobile phone.

“It’s a service that’s designed to give everyone the ability to stop trouble around them. It’s a really simple concept but it’s never been done before. We felt like if something ever got stolen or if somebody’s ever in trouble, there is a lot of people nearby that probably care and that would probably want to help police if there was a way that they could. So we said they’re all packing mobile phones nowadays, why don’t we just take that call for help and tell everyone around them this is what just happened, this is the help I need.”

According to Boyer, the app helps keep track of a suspect by notifying everyone in the area to keep an eye out for them and will extend the notification to wherever the suspect may travel. Users are also able to upload photos and videos to notify other users if they spot a suspect.

Boyer says the app is very location-specific as users can set their location and even have it set up for areas they frequent most, such as work or home.

Boyer also says this app will help cut down on time and resources as it will help police in catching the suspects sooner, rather than later.

Currently, Boyer is still working on some glitches but hopes to have the app fully functional to serve a larger market soon.

Lightcatch is a free app that is available for Apple and Android devices and can be found on the GooglePlay and App Store.

For more information on this app, you can visit Lightcatch’s website.

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