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FORT NELSON, B.C. – A contractor working on the Alaska Highway says she saw a bearded man arguing with the couple murdered near the Liard River Hotsprings.

According to 9News from Australia, construction worker Alandra Hull saw Fowler and Deese the night before their bodies were found talking to a man and the couple looked “frustrated or something.”

In the story shared by 9News, Hull went on to say the bearded man was standing in the middle of the highway and the two victims were next to the van.

Hull went on to say, “If you just get a bad feeling, and that’s what I had, you just don’t stop.”

9News went on to say Hull has given a statement to police and will work with a sketch artist.

The RCMP will be holding a press conference on Monday and will hopefully release more details about the case. On Friday, the RCMP released photos of the van that they believe was being driven by Folwer and Deese.

The RCMP are still looking for more information about the van, where the couple had been leading up to July 14 and 15 and any dashcam video taken in the area of the Liard River Hotsprings.

The RCMP haven’t ruled out if a burnt vehicle and a body found near Dease Lake is connected to the double homicide near the Liard River Hotsprings, but they also haven’t ruled out if there is a connection between the two cases.

The RCMP have acknowledged there is community concerns with two ongoing homicide investigations in Northern B.C. The Dease Lake incident occurred on July 19, 2019, and the other incident near Liard River Hotsprings occurred between July14-15, 2019, approximately 470 kilometres away.

At this time, investigators are sharing information and police would like to ensure awareness around both investigations. The RCMP would ask the public to continue to take any general safety precautions and remain vigilant at this time. We also remind travellers to share your plans with family and friends, establish check-in times and notify someone if your plans change.

For more on the case out of Dease Lake, click here.

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