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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – MLA Dan Davies wrote a letter to Mike Farnsworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General regarding the state of the Old Fort Slide and concern for the residents of the community.

Dated June 25th, 2019, Davies letter addressed to Minister Farnsworth is direct and expresses concerns that have yet to be discussed regarding the site of the Old Fort landslide and what help is there for the residents that continue to mitigate the clean up after the event.

Davies letter shares there are ‘many concerns have arose since the landslide at the Old Fort’ then outlines questions such as what is next for the area as the land is considered crown land and Davies expresses residents are concerned the hill could continue to slide.

The next concern is regarding the current road situation and what are the plans to rectify the road to a permanent solution as well as fix the bottleneck that is currently happening due to the design of the road.

The issue of garbage and debris along the roadside, drainage from the change of landscape, the emergency alerts still in place, and the gravel pit above the slide area is also mentioned in the letter.

Davies is asking for help, wanting answers to the stabilization of the hill, an action plan, if the slope were to slide again as residents cannot rest without a concrete action plan in place, shares Davies.

The letter that was shared to Fort St. John Mayor and Council as well as the Peace River Regional District outlines that funding needs to be put in place to help residents go between Old Fort and Fort St. John as well as helping to make the community feel safe by rectifying the damage done by the landslide.

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