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TAYLOR, B.C. – At a District of Taylor Council meeting, on Tuesday, Council took a look at the Open Air Burning Bylaw.

The purpose of the Bylaw is to regulate open air burning within the District to ensure it is done in a safe and responsible manner.

After reviewing the Bylaw, Council made the decision to send it back to the Protection Committee for further review.

When it comes to Class One Campfires, Council felt that the required parameters of six metres between the fire pit and objects, such as buildings and fences, was too great of an area and would automatically ban most residents from having a small fire in their backyard.

Council felt that this kind of restriction would best apply to Class Two and Three fires, not for Class One.

District Fire Chief, Steve Byford, says the Bylaw is modelled after what other municipalities within B.C. have in place for open air burning.

Once reviewed, the Bylaw will go through three readings before being adopted.

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