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VICTORIA, B.C. – MCpl Daniel Maldonado, 19, from Fort St. John is participating as staff in the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group’s JCR Basic Enhanced Training Session (BETS).

The BETS exercise is being held in Victoria, B.C., at the Strathcona Park Lodge on Vancouver Island, from June 30 to July 11, 2019.

One hundred and eight Junior Canadian Rangers between the ages of 12 to 18 gather together from 25 remote, isolated, or coastal communities across western Canada to conduct challenging and fun outdoor activities in a safe environment shares, 2Lt Christopher King, public affairs officer for the 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group’s Junior Canadian Ranger (JCR) company.

According to King, staff members of BETS contribute positively to the development and supervision of the JCRs as well as implementing and reinforcing the Three Circles of Learning of the JCR program: Life skills, Canadian Ranger skills, and Traditional skills.

Ranger Maldonado said he enjoys working with the Junior Canadian Rangers because he can be “A positive influence, and a role model for the younger generation.

As a Forestry Assistant with DWB Consulting, and works part-time with the Hudson’s Hope Patrol. Ranger Maldonado was a Junior Canadian Ranger (JCR) himself, before joining the Canadian Armed Forces as a Canadian Ranger in August 2017. In his spare time, Maldonado shares he enjoys hunting, trapping, and photography.











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