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Bob’s Weekly Report

Canada has so much to be proud of. Our history points to the character and pioneering spirit that is embodied by all Canadians. Every day people in our communities and across the country work hard to contribute to and continue Canada’s great legacy.

Canada Day is a time when family, friends and even strangers can come together and celebrate. Celebrate the fact that we have such a rich history, expansive natural and cultural heritage, strong values, and a sense of purpose. Celebrate the fact that we have contributed some of the greatest technological advancements that the world has ever seen and continue to provide some of the best quality of life. Celebrate what it means to be a Canadian.

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate in Fort Nelson with my wife Val and daughter Bobbie. I started off the day taking part in the annual parade which had a huge turnout. Special thanks to Kim Eglinski and Dan’s Pub for helping us get our float ready to go! We then headed to the festival to take in some of the fun family activities and to help cut the cake.

I was also able to kick off my annual Meet Your MP For Coffee summer tour with a visit to Fort Nelson’s A&W to grab a cup of coffee and meet with anyone who wanted to have a chat about any concerns they may have. I will be having similar events in each of our communities in the riding throughout the summer and look forward to sharing more details soon.

Canada Day also marked another important event in my life – my wife Val and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary with a special stop to see Sikanni Chief Falls while travelling along the Alaska Highway on our way back to Fort St. John from Fort Nelson. Happy Anniversary Val, I love you!

I have always enjoyed Canada Day and this year was no exception. It was great to be able to catch up with old friends in Fort Nelson and meet so many within the community. Congratulations to Mayor Gary Foster and the Municipality for putting on such a successful event and thank you to all who came out to make this Canada Day such a memorable one!

On behalf of my family and staff, I wish you a wonderful summer and I hope you had a great Canada Day!

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