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VANCOUVER, B.C.Geoscience BC is requesting two proposals for high-quality public earth science projects related to oil and gas development in Northeastern British Columbia.

The requests for proposals (RFPs) will play an important role in meeting Geoscience BC’s strategic objective Facilitating Responsible Natural Resource Development.

Details for each RFP are posted on the Geoscience BC website; CLICK HERE Anyone can submit a proposal up to the deadline on Wednesday, July 10 at 12:00 Pacific Standard Time for the following topics;

  • RFP 2019-01: Induced Seismicity Related to Hydraulic Fracturing, Northeastern BC
  • RFP 2019-02: Assessment of Potential Wastewater Disposal Zones within the Montney Play, Northeastern BC

Projects resulting from the RFP will deliver new earth science and baseline data for operators, governments, community leaders and Indigenous groups to make informed, evidence-based decisions about energy resource development, as well as helping to identify and mitigate risks, answer specific environmental and social questions and stimulate investment, jobs and socio-economic development in British Columbia.

Each RFP has been guided by expert input from Geoscience BC’s volunteer Oil & Gas Technical Advisory Committee and by the recent Scientific Review of Hydraulic Fracturing in British Columbia released by the provincial government’s Scientific Hydraulic Fracturing Review Panel in March 2019

How to submit a proposal:

  • Read the Request for Proposal documents in detail (RFP 2019-01 and RFP 2019-02)
  • Submit any questions you have to
  • Sign up for Geoscience BC’s Energy 2019-01 and 2019-02 updates or check the Geoscience BC website regularly to see any new FAQs that are posted
  • Submit your proposal by Wednesday, July 10 at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time

About Geoscience BC Geoscience BC generates independent, public geoscience research and data about British Columbia’s minerals, energy and water resources. This advances knowledge, informs responsible development, encourages investment and stimulates innovation.

Our collaboration with the resource sectors, academia, communities, Indigenous groups and government develops and shares unbiased and credible earth science research and data.

Geoscience BC is a not for profit society incorporated under the BC Societies Act.

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