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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Independent Investigative Researcher Vivian Krause was in Taylor on Friday, June 14, to discuss the controversy that Canada’s Resource Industry is currently facing.

Presented by The North Matters, Krause particularly focused on the impact that the high level of activism is having on Canadian oil and gas resource communities.

Krause shined a spotlight on the finances and structures behind many activist groups, especially those that are influenced by foreign funding.

According to Krause, the reason for the cancellation of many pipeline projects is because of controversy manufactured deliberately as part of a campaign to land-lock Canadian oil to prevent selling oil at a higher price.

“The reason that these projects died on the vine is because of controversy and people need to know that the controversy was manufactured, deliberately, as part of a campaign to sabotage those projects so that Canadian Oil would be land-lock, kept in North America and couldn’t get it to overseas markets to get a higher price.”

Krause says this campaign is being funded by an American Charitable Foundation, the Tarsands Campaign, that wants Canadians to find a better way to use fossil fuels in order to reduce impacts on the climate.

While Krause agrees that it is important to reduce the impacts on the climate, she finds it unacceptable the way it is being handled as it is giving the US a huge advantage which, she claims, is starting to hurt Canada as a nation.

“People need to know that this is being funded by an American Charitable Foundation and they want us to make better use of fossil fuels that we still do need to use and to decrease the environmental climate impacts of our use of fossil fuels. We can all agree that it’s important but the way they’re going about it is unacceptable because it’s giving the United States a huge billion-dollar advantage, it’s hurting our country and now it’s threatening to tear us apart.”

Krause believes that there are better ways of reducing the impacts of oil than to completely push Canada out of the global market and that Canada needs to become a leader in the future transition of energy.

Krause says she is currently working on a documentary that further explores who is funding the anti-pipeline activists and the reasons as to why.

More information on Krause’s work can be found on her Twitter account @FairQuestions.

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