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Bob’s Weekly Report

On May 25 I had the honour of taking part in the shovel turning ceremony for Jarvis Crescent subdivision, in memory of Fred Jarvis, the late, former mayor who saw the District of Taylor turn from an industry town into a community.

It was also a nice opportunity to visit with Fred’s wife Judy, who I have known for many years. While Fred may have been the one in the public spotlight during his 28 years as mayor, Judy has always been the bedrock of the Jarvis family.

It was so nice to see Judy recognized and to have Fred’s contribution to our community remembered in this way. Everyone at the shovel turning ceremony was honoured to be included in Fred’s memory. Most of all I am honoured to have known and worked with a man of, at times, few words but always impeccable character and commitment to Taylor, the Peace Region and Canada. Thanks to all who were there to make the moment so special for Judy, the extended Jarvis/Cassidy family, and all of us.

I’m looking forward to one day visiting the streets of Jarvis Crescent and I hope those who end up living there will know the important role the Jarvis family has played in making the District of Taylor the community it is today.

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