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CHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – On May 27th, 2019, the Charlie Lake Fire Department was paged out at 5:53 pm to respond to a carbon monoxide alarm.

Photo by Payette

Dania and her husband Greg Payette were cleaning their home and doing laundry when Dania started to smell a weird smell in their laundry room. She shares she thought it was the marinade from the jerky Greg was making but that wasn’t it.

Dania goes on to say they were smelling all around the dryer and the hot water when all the alarms in the house started blaring a carbon monoxide warning. “I was starting to feel a little light headed so we immediately went outside and called 911,” said Payette.

Upon arrival, the firefighters used monitors to located the cause of the alarm, shut down the gas to the structure, and continued to vent.

“The fire department arrived very quickly and had us move across the street for safety,” said Payette “They suited up and went in and the carbon monoxide readings they were getting were pretty high at 50-51 (I don’t know what kind of unit of measurement they use).”

The Charlie Lake Fire Department firefighters cleared the scene once the monitor met a zero reading.

10 firefighters were on scene, along with Engine 1, Tender 2, and Squad 1, and Rescue.

Payette shares, the firefighters opened all the windows and set up fans. “The Fire Chief was so kind and informative as were all of the firefighters. We can’t thank them enough,” said Payette.

According to Payette when the gas person attended their home the following day to turn the gas back on they shared, a vacuum had been created in the home by having the portable a/c unit running with the windows closed, which sucked the exhaust from the hot water heater.

Payette said, “We are safe and so are the dogs, at least we know our carbon monoxide detectors work.”



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