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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – It was the Season Opener of the 2019 Season over the weekend at the Northern Lights Raceway on May 25 and 26.

Local Driver, Dave Kowalski, says it was a great weekend despite the fact that he is still waiting for a part before he can use his Corvette.

According to Kowalski, he’ll be in Mission this weekend to test out his Vette once the new part is installed.

Kowalski also says that he and Matt Dohm will be down in Prince George on June 8 and 9 before coming back to Fort St. John for the big Father’s Day Race on June 15 and 16.

“Car ran awesome, still waiting for the Vette parts. It was a good testing weekend with the Nova. Matt and I are going to Prince George this weekend, then June 8 and 9 I’ll be in Mission testing the Vette for our big race here on June 15 and 16.”

Here are the results from May 25:

Box Class:

  1. Brody Belsham
  2. Kelsey Dufresne

No Box Class:

  1. Ray Piper
  2. Dwayne Dunning

Pure Street Class:

  1. Shawn Hagen
  2. Brian Lumley

Bike/Sled Class:

  1. Max Simard
  2. Liz Belanger

Junior Dragster Class:

  1. Cole Liwiski
  2. Grant Gessner
  3. Chase Liwiski

Here are the results from May 26:

Box Class:

  1. Brody Belsham
  2. Carl Fedderly

No Box Class:

  1. Kevin Noehring
  2. Ray Piper

Pure Street Class:

  1. Shawn Hagen
  2. Mark Brush

Bike/Sled Class:

  1. Bruce Romak
  2. Max Simard

Junior Dragster Class:

  1. Isabella Sasyn
  2. Chase Liwiski
  3. Cole Liwiski
  4. Grant Gessner

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