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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The B.C. Government has introduced new legislation, on May 27, to the Province’s Child Labour Laws.

The changes to the legislation mean that youth under the age of 16 cannot legally work in B.C. without the consent of the Province.

Prior to these changes, youth 12 to 16 years of age could legally work in the Province providing they had parental consent.

Now the new legislation has many upset on Social Media, including Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier, who feel that the Government is taking away rights and that it should not be up to the Government to decide if a job is suitable or not for youth.

“The NDP decided to take parents and youths rights away when it comes to their choice to work if you are under 16. I tried to argue that we need to ensure we have proper training and safe workplaces but the NDP and Greens voted in a new law that basically said if you are under 16 and want to work, it can only be done if approved by them.”

According to Bernier, he was willing to work with the NDP and Green Parties in an effort to improve workplace safety for youth, but instead was insulted and heckled when he raised his opposition against the new legislation.

“This one really ticked me off because as I was arguing that parents should have a say since it is their children and that I was in favour of looking at ways to make workplaces safer, but I was insulted and heckled by the NDP and Green members for promoting “child labour and hurting kids” and others I won’t repeat.”

Bernier says these remarks from the other parties are shameful but not surprising and that he will, mockingly, “apologize” to his children for teaching them the importance of learning the value of earning your way in life and learning responsibility.

“It was shameful but not surprising. Wow. I guess I now need to apologize to all of my children for allowing them to start jobs at an early age, to try and learn the value of earning your way in life and learning responsibility. I guess I was a horrible dad after all according to what they were insulting me with yesterday.”

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