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VICTORIA, B.C. – With the Victoria Day Long Weekend coming up, the Province would like to remind British Columbians of the safety tips when visiting Provincial Parks and Campgrounds.

According to B.C. Parks, when having a campfire you should have a one-metre fireguard around campfires where all flammable materials have been removed. You should also maintain a fire to 0.5 metres in height and 0.5 metres in diameter.

Park visitors are also reminded to never leave a campfire unattended and to extinguish it before leaving.

B.C. Parks’ smoking policy is also in effect year-round, which permits smoking and vaping of tobacco, cannabis or other substances only in designated front-country or group campsites by registered campers and their guests.

B.C. Park says this policy is designed to allow people and families to enjoy their stay in a park or campground by minimizing the exposure of second-hand smoke.

Park Rangers and Conservation Officers will be on-site to ensure park policies and rules are being followed and enforced.

For more information, you can visit the B.C. Parks website.

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