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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Peace Motocross Association held their Annual Mother’s Day Weekend Moto Race on May 11 and 12 at the Taylor Motocross Track.

PMA President, Trevor McDonnell, says it was a great event as they had 291 entries entered in the various class races.

“We had lots, we had 291 entries. There was a lot. It was the first time ever that we had parking in the overflow. I don’t know how many campers but it was crazy.”

Local racers to have won medals include:

  • Brayden French, 2nd place in MX2 Novice
  • Kaarben Greco, 1st place in MX2 Intermediate
  • Liam Mavin, 2nd place in MX2 Intermediate
  • Braden Gunther, 1st place in MX2 Expert
  • James Conway, 3rd place in MX3 Novice
  • Tyler Schulte, 3rd place in MX3 Intermediate
  • Chelan Harvey, 2nd place in Ladies
  • Hayley Wuthrich, 3rd place in Ladies
  • Spencer Hall, 1st place in 50cc (4-6)
  • Bentley Banks, 2nd place in 50cc (4-6)
  • Cruz Gordon, 1st place in 50cc (7-9)
  • Justin Schroeder, 2nd place in 50cc (7-9)
  • L.T. McDonell, 1st place in 80cc (12-16)
  • Carter Roberts, 2nd place in 80cc (12-16)
  • Russell Fraser, 2nd place in Vet Master
  • Drew Roberts, 1st place in 65cc
  • L.T. McDonell, 1st place in Supermini
  • Easton Hall, 3rd place in Supermini
  • Bob Folk, 2nd place in 40 plus
  • Dominic Roberts, 2nd place in 50cc Beginner

Full results from the Annual Mother’s Day Weekend Moto Race in Taylor can be found here.

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