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DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Since being appointed Community Liaison, Former MLA and current Dawson Creek Councillor, Blair Lekstrom, has been working hard to meet with community members to discuss the draft partnership agreements on caribou recovery.

For the past two weeks, Lekstrom says he has been busy meeting with various organizations and industry groups, adding that he will be coordinating a meeting between the Peace River Regional District and the local First Nations.

“It’s been very busy. I’ve been having a number of meetings with different organizations and different industry groups. We’re still coordinating a meeting between the Peace River Regional District, Saulteau, and West Moberly to get them all at the table to talk about how we move this forward.”

According to Lekstrom, the vast majority of people he has spoken with are in favour of protecting caribou but they feel that they have been excluded from the talks and are looking for inclusion from the Government.

“The vast majority are all in agreement that we want to try and look after the caribou and their habitat but the biggest issue is we want to be at the table to try and find the solution to do that.”

Lekstrom says his goal for the report, that will be presented to the Province, is to reflect what he has heard from his discussions and write about the steps needed to move forward, instead of focusing on past mistakes.

Lekstrom hopes to have the report completed and delivered to the Province by May 27, prior to the Government’s deadline of May 30, 2019.

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