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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Mental Health and Addiction Advisory Committee sponsored a ‘Walk for Mental Health’, Tuesday, May 7th, on the Northern Vac Track located at the Pomeroy Sports Centre.

In attendance to the walk was Constable Neustater of the FSJ RCMP Detachment and he shares that he and Corporal Francouer are apart of the Comunity policing unit and they regularly sit on the Mental Health and Addictions Advisory Council.

The RCMP often come together with the Advisory Council to talk about mental health, how it influences people and how the RCMP can help in their role. Cst. Neustater shares he works specifically with youth and is able to communicate directly the services available and what mental health means to this age group.

The Mental Health Advisory Committee can help make things better in the community, for first responders, as well as users of the system.

Cst. Neustater said,” Today I came here as I knew this was happening and to show support.” During his visit, he did two laps of the Northern Vac Track in full uniform.

One of the members of the board shares, it is good to see the police come out and join in the walk, its good to put ourselves out in the public and to be more visible, making the public more aware that part of the community is mental health which is part of us to keep us all mentally healthy and walking is a good way to do that.

The Advisory Council meets the first Thursday of the month at the Healing place, for more information you can contact Cynthia; 250-793-0178





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