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SASKATOON, S.K. – Sterling Middleton and his team, Team Tardi, played their final game today, Friday, of the 2019 Grand Slam of Curling Champions Cup in Saskatoon.

In their final game, Tardi took on Team Mouat.

Tardi played a hard-fought game throughout, with even having the score tied at four apiece in the 7th end.

But in the 8th end, Team Mouat managed to get two points, winning the game 6-4 over Team Tardi.

Despite a great effort and very close play, Team Tardi did not win any of the four games played at the Championship.

Here are the scores from each game:

April 23 (Game 1): Team Dunstone 7-6 over Tardi in the extra

April 25 (Game 2): Team Bottcher 6-5 over Tardi in the extra

April 25 (Game 3): Team Carruthers 7-1 over Tardi in the 7th end

April 26 (Game 4): Team Mouat 6-4 over Tardi in the 8th end

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