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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Blizzard Bicycle Club held the 8th Stage of their Spring Series on Thursday in Baldonnel.

In the 16 KM race, Raymond Avernathy came in first with a time of 23:30.

Nick Guliov came in second with a time of 26:37, while Heather McCracken game in third place with 28:05.

In the 8 KM race, Brett McCracken finished first with a time of 15:31.

Wayne Ohland game in second with 16:40, and Jack Webster in third at 17:18.

Overall, the Spring Stage Series turned out to be a family affair with Nick Guliov taking the Junior Male Title and dad, Darren Guliov earning the Senior Male Title.

Kristine Bock rounded off the group with the Ladies Trophy.

Spring Stage Series points:

Senior Male:
Darren Guliov: 28
Irvin Tang: 15
Robert Martens: 14
Calvin McCracken: 12
Dan Webster: 11
Ray Avernathy: 9
Ard Hoogenboom: 8
Robert Sapp: 5
Davide Loro: 4
Pat Ferris: 3
Sam Keats: 3
Lukas Brand: 3
Gary Hilderman: 3
Rick Newlove: 1

Junior Male:
Nick Guliov: 38
Josh Telizyn: 18
Tanner McCracken: 10
Matthew Mitchell: 9
Brett McCracken: 4
Nolan Cote: 2

Kristine Bock: 35
Heather McCracken: 32
Amanda Mitchell: 17
Athena Andritz: 8
Madison McCracken: 7
Dian Loro: 2


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