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PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. A new province-wide construction training program launched as part of the new Builders Code will look to improve worksite culture and tackle harassment, hazing and bullying by providing training for construction company owners, executives and HR managers.

The program, announced by Northern Regional Construction Association (NRCA) CEO Scott Bone, shares that in B.C. most of the construction employers operate without all the policies, skills or resources to define and promote an acceptable workplace culture.

The NRCA understands that many of these employers do not recognize the direct link between inclusive and equitable worksite verses improved retention, safety, and productivity outcomes. Including that leaders can underestimate the financial impacts from turnover, lost time to accidents, injury-related health care costs, legal actions, rehiring costs, and workforce productivity issues that result from culture challenges on the worksite.

The new Builders Code training program is a one-day workshop where participants explore issues such as;

  • the nature and impact of unacceptable worksite conduct;
  • how to enable and encourage an acceptable worksite culture;
  • the tools that can be used to build that culture;
  • and the benefits of doing so.

The workshop sessions will also focus on the role and responsibility of corporate leaders and HR managers. Companies whose management complete the training will benefit from an increased capacity to address behaviour issues that affect safety and productivity, and can use their training certification to promote their company and culture to potential employees, as well as clients.

The training has been developed by experienced training providers in partnership with project partners including BCCA, the Industry Training Authority (ITA), WorkSafeBC, and the Minerva Foundation of BC.

“On behalf of the Northern Regional Construction Association, we’re pleased to be the first to offer this powerful Builders Code training to employers in the northern region,” said Bone. “Our association recognizes the labour challenges our industry faces and understands that improving the culture on job sites could play an important role in helping our employers retain the skilled tradespeople they need. The turnout for today’s celebration of Construction Month is a reflection of the strength of our growing industry and the pride we take in helping build a better B.C. Today’s event also demonstrates how our members are committed to professional development and best practices through innovative programs like the Builders Code.”

For more information on the workshops; CLICK HERE


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