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TAYLOR, B.C. – At a Committee of the Whole meeting, on Monday, District of Taylor Council discussed the state of an unsightly property that is located within the District.

The property in question, 10471 -102nd Street, had a complaint filed against it in February regarding the unsightly nature of the property.

Not only is this property seen as unsightly but it also poses safety risks to the community.

According to the District, since 2017, this property has been known to Police as there have been 17 occurrences involving the RCMP to attend, ranging from Breach of Probation, break & enter, theft and the assaulting of a Peace Officer.

As spring has now arrived, Staff say that the property is a breeding ground for rodents to populate and if unchecked they will likely spread to neighbouring properties.

To date, Protective Services have been unable to obtain compliance with regards to the
Nuisances and Unsightly Property By-law No. 465, 1993 from the owner of the property.

The District has made a number of attempts to get in contact with the property owner but with no success.

It is believed that the property owner may be out of the Province or even the Country.

Staff asked Council that Protective Services staff be authorized to initiate remediation of the property.

Council has now given Staff the approval to hire a contractor to start cleaning up the property, providing that one final notice is given to the owner and that a notice sign is placed outside of the property.

Since the property owner can not be located, it is up to the District to hire a contractor to clear the site with an estimated cost of $10,000.

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