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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Provincial unemployment numbers for the month of March have been released.

The unemployment rate in Northeast B.C. saw an increase last month of 1.8 percent, up to 7.8 percent when compared to February’s rate of 6.0 percent.

The estimated number of people working in Northeast B.C. for March is down by 1,200 to 37,700 when compared to February’s numbers of 38,900.

In March 2018, the unemployment rate was 5.7 percent with an estimated 38,200 people working.

Overall for B.C., unemployment remained low at a rate of 4.7 percent; the lowest unemployment rate in Canada for the past 20 months in a row.

Bruce Ralston, Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, says the Government is committed to seeing British Columbians thrive by providing investments to support economic growth in B.C. as part of this year’s balanced budget.

“We’re committed to seeing British Columbians thrive. In our balanced budget earlier this year, we invested $20 billion over three years for infrastructure, which will produce and support tens of thousands of jobs.”

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