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TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C. – This past week an unexpected visitor left the community of Tumbler Ridge with a gift that Mayor Keith Bertrand says was an incredible opportunity of exposure.

The past week the Game of Thrones, Throne was placed near Babcock Creek which drew an unexpected and large following of fans to the area for an opportunity to view and sit upon the Throne. Wild River Adventure Tours were the main organizers and the caretakers of the Throne while it remained in Tumbler Ridge. Bertrand said, “They put in a lot of long days and went above and beyond to make the experience memorable for everybody.”

Bertrand shares he is absolutely thrilled by the response to the Throne and that the community saw visitors travel to the area from Seattle, Victoria and Alaska. There was also a Grande Prairie helicopter business offering tours to see the Throne.

There was an estimated infusion of roughly 5000 people to the town of Tumbler Ridge that has a population of 2000 people. With the hotels filled to capacity and restaurants trying to accommodate the needs of their guests, Bertrand said: “Hats off to them for putting in the hard work and trying to satisfy all the visitors.”

At times with 5-6 hour waits to see the Throne, “I was absolutely impressed by the good spirits of everybody even with the long wait times. Everybody seemed to make conversation with their fellow linemates making new connections,” said Bertrand. Even local restauranteurs were bringing food out to the site to sell to the people waiting in line.

The economic infusion and the exposure to the area was an unexpected gift, the community stepped up, as we appreciate and know what we have here and we are trying to develop our tourism, “The good publicity and exposure were phenomenal,” said Bertrand.

Bertrand shares, 4 boxes of Tumbler Ridge’s new visitor guide, roughly 300 brochures of the area were handed out to the visitors. Bertrand again expresses that even with the lack of time to prepare the level of response to the Throne was “absolutely incredible.”

Even now that the Throne is gone, Bertrand shares Wild River Adventure Tours continue to go back to the site of the Throne to clean up the area. “We were not prepared for the amount of garbage and cigarette butts and Randy (Owner/operator of Wild River Adventure Tours) is going back to restore the area to what it was before.”





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