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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce hosted another speaker series luncheon on Tuesday at the Pomeroy Hotel & Conference Centre.

This edition of the Luncheon featured Ron Borsholm, of MNP, speaking about Cyber Security.

Borsholm presented an in-depth discussion of the current cyber threat landscape and how to protect your organization from cyber threats and attacks.

According to Borsholm, 1 in 10 companies in Canada has experienced 20 or more cyber attacks per year.

“1 in 10 companies in Canada experienced 20 or more attacks per year. So one of the keys things to understand is when the ‘bad guys’ actually come after an organization, they don’t come after you once. They will basically if they target you; keep coming until they compromise you.”

Borsholm says it is important for a company to focus on prevention before an attack even occurs, such as using complex passwords.

“Focus on prevention. Obviously, if you’re ahead of it, you’re doing a great job. Some of the recommendations are really simple, you know, such as using complex passwords and changing them.”

Borsholm also suggests that both businesses and individuals should be using the latest software updates and making sure anti-virus and malware software is updated regularly to prevent attacks.

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