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John Horgan’s budding bromance with Washington State Governor Jay Inslee continues this week as the NDP government heads to the B.C Court of Appeal in a major effort to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

When Governor Inslee was asked how Washington could help halt the pipeline project, Horgan’s new best buddy replied: “Every way we can under Canadian law.”

The Premier must welcome the fraternal love coming from south of the border considering he is going up against the federal government’s constitutional authority to regulate trans-boundary pipelines all on his lonesome. Fellow western provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan have joined the court fight against Horgan, leaving our Premier few, if any friends in the rest of Canada.

The question is, has Horgan extracted anything tangible from Washington State in return for cutting off Canadian resources from international markets? It doesn’t seem so. Inslee walks away with a friend and $600,000 from BC taxpayers to fund a Washington study into high speed rail. On top of that, Washington State is still unwilling to curtail oil shipments from Alaska to any of the five refineries located within its state boundaries. Seventy percent of oil imported by Washington is shipped right along the B.C coastline from Alaska.

If Governor Inslee – who is now running to be Democratic nominee for president – was actually sincere about the welfare of killer whales and the environment, he might demonstrate that by making at least a symbolic concession to reduce American tanker traffic – but we know that ain’t going to happen!

We all know that a governor with aspirations to become president of the United States would never sacrifice a job in his home state. How about help on the softwood lumber dispute? Has Horgan sought the support of his closest ally to end job-killing tariffs on Canadian lumber?

Not a chance.

Instead, Horgan has written a letter to the governors of California, Oregon and Washington asking them to join B.C. in its bid to end daylight savings time.

If John Horgan has his priorities straight, he would spend more time fighting for Canadian jobs and less time shaking hands with self-interested American politicians. It may be fun for him, but it’s bad for British Columbia.

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