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DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – An announcement was made by the Mayor of Chetwynd, Allen Courtoreille, that the Province of B.C. will meet in Dawson Creek to discuss the Mountain Caribou.

According to Peace FM, the meeting is to take place on March 20, 2019 and will include Brad Sperling, Chair of the PRRD, and Dan Rose, Director of Region E of the PRRD.

According to the Mayor, the press and public will not be allowed to attend the meeting and a press release will be forthcoming.

The Mayor shared the government will discuss the progress of discussions with First Nations and plan to have the first town hall meeting in Chetwynd.

There have been several attempts to get the Government to meet with local officials and the public yet all of the meetings have fallen through and have not happened.

There is a big concern with residents and community members as to the uncertainty of the closures. Communities are wanting to know what will happen in regards to the land as this issue affects a lot of people as well as peoples livelihoods.

The group Concerned Citizen’s for Caribou Recovery (CCCR) has been advocating as a voice for the people. The CCCR shared they feel the meeting will not be a go tomorrow, the gut feeling is this meeting will be cancelled as the other meetings previous all have been.

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