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TAYLOR, B.C. – At a recent District of Taylor Council Meeting, members of the Fort St. John Community Arts Council provided a presentation, seeking support from the District.

The Arts Council is looking to have the District provide $6,000 toward the $75,000 Community Engagement Project.

Artspost Director, Sue Popesku, says the Community Engagement Project is to determine the level of arts, culture, and heritage within the North Peace, along with the economic impact that the arts have on the region.

“We would like to find out for sure and get it in writing, and official, the level of arts, culture and heritage activity in the North Peace, and the current demands on those resources because all of the groups that we are dealing with are non-profit groups. The economic impact of this sector has never really been identified and we would really like to have that nailed down.”

To date, the City of Fort St. John has contributed $20,000 to the Community Engagement Project.

The Arts Council has the potential of receiving $37,500 from the Department of Heritage and $6,000 each from Regional District Areas C and B, pending applications.

Currently, the Arts Council has a membership of 29 groups, including the School District 60 Band Program, the Fort St. John Film Society, and the Fort St. John North Peace Museum.

Mayor Rob Fraser questioned the actual impact the Arts has on the region and is looking for some numbers before proceeding with further support.

Council will consider funding the Community Engagement Project once impact numbers are included in the report.

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