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TAYLOR, B.C. – At a recent District of Taylor Council Meeting, Council gave authorization to District Staff to apply to the Agricultural Land Commission to convert a piece of land to non-farm use status for a new public works shop.

The District is looking to build a new public works shop on the grounds of the Lone Wolf Golf Club but must apply to the ALC in order to proceed with the project. The zoning will need to be changed as the property is within the Agricultural Land Reserve.

One option is to build in the present LWGC maintenance yard, and the other option is to build to the east of the Golf Club. Either option will need to apply to the ALC.

Option one for the location of the new public works shop. Source District of Taylor
Option two for the location of the new public works shop. Source District of Taylor

Staff say the application to the ALC could take up to six months or more to be finalized if approved, but that is a wait they are willing to take. The Golf Club location is the ideal option as it is already connected with services such as water and electricity.

The shop was initially planned to be built in 2019 but has now been rescheduled to start in 2020 as the District waits on the application.

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