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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – With 3,107 people working on the project in December, work continues on the Site C Dam project.

Below is a copy of the construction schedule for the next two weeks.

The following construction activities are scheduled to occur March 4 – March 17:

Dam site area – north (left) bank and south (right) bank

  • . Contractors will continue to move equipment and material to site. This includes deliveries by rail.
    . Contractors are continuing construction and operations in their work areas. This includes the main civil works, generating station and spillways civil works, turbines and generators, and substation.
    . Water management activities may take place.
    . Excavation, including in-river excavation, will progress on both banks of the Peace River.
    . Construction activities, such as drilling, blasting, crushing, earth moving, tunnelling, concrete placement, and road maintenance, will continue. Tower and mobile cranes will be used on site.
    . Site preparation will continue at the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands. Work has begun on building the conveyor that will deliver fill material to the dam site.

Highway 29

  • . At Halfway River, clearing and vegetation removal is continuing. Environmental and wildlife monitoring is taking place to support clearing.
    . At Farrell Creek and near Dry Creek west of Farrell Creek Road, geotechnical investigations may begin. This could include drilling, digging test pits, surveying, minor vegetation removal, and some traffic control. . At Portage Mountain Quarry, site investigations and surveys have started in preparation for site clearing. . Wood waste may be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris, hauled off-site, or burned. Burning may take place, as permitted by ground conditions, the fire danger rating, and venting conditions
    . Electrical distribution poles will be temporarily moved in the Cache Creek West area.
    Reservoir area
    . Forestry and access road data collection and site investigations will continue near and along the reservoir area.
    . Clearing activities are taking place in the eastern and lower reservoir areas (dam site to Cache Creek), Moberly River area and Cache Creek area. This includes access road upgrades, logging, log hauling and debris disposal.
    . Some clearing activities may begin in the middle reservoir area around Cache Creek and Halfway River on BC Hydro-owned properties. This includes road upgrades, log hauling and debris disposal.
    . Wood waste may be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris, hauled off-site, or burned. Burning may take place, as permitted by ground conditions, the fire danger rating, and venting conditions.

Transmission works

  • . Clearing will continue in the transmission corridor. Wood waste may be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris, hauled off-site, or burned.
    . Maintenance and upgrade work will continue on roads that provide access to parts of the transmission corridor.
    . Construction of temporary roads within the transmission line right-of-way will continue.
    . Material and equipment are being delivered to the marshalling yard at Moberly Lake and the temporary field office on Jackfish Lake Road.
    . The transmission line contractor will continue assembling towers on the ground, and installing and testing helical pile foundations at various sites along the right-of-way.
    . The transmission line contractor will continue installing transmission towers on the foundations.
    . Site investigations, including stripping and data recovery of archaeological sites, geotechnical work, and structure staking, may take place.
    . Upgrades will continue at Peace Canyon Generating Station.

Other areas

  • . Work is occurring downstream of the dam site for the Peace River side channel enhancements.
    . Aggregate and riprap production will continue in West Pine Quarry. Material will be transported by rail and road to the dam site.

What to expect

  • Work will take place during the day, night, and on the weekend, until the project is completed. During this time, residents can expect the following: . Heavy machinery will be in the transmission line corridor assembling electrical towers. For your safety,please stay clear of the work areas.
    . There will be project-related traffic on public and resource roads, including petroleum development roads.
    . Trucks with heavy loads will be accessing the dam site and other project areas. This includes Old Hope Road and along Highway 29 at Cache Creek and Halfway River. Please use caution when meeting a pilot car and observe all warning signs.
    . Helicopters and commercial drones may be used to support investigative and construction works.
    . Some noise and vibration may occur near the dam site and work areas, including the quarries. Pile driving may take place near the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands.
    . There may be smoke in various areas as a result of planned burning. Burning will only take place when permitted by the fire danger rating and when venting windows are available.
    . For your safety, please stay clear of active in-river work areas along the Peace and Moberly rivers. These areas are clearly identified with signage and markings.
    Note: In BC Hydro’s technical documents, the north bank may be referred to as the left bank and the south bank may be referred to as the right bank.

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