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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At the recent Committee of the Whole Meeting, City Council heard a presentation from Philip Hicks, Founder and CEO of PMH Insights.

The update was about the success of the first year with the newly implemented software that has been streamlining the way City staff manage their data and what the next steps will be.

With the help of the Envisio software, accountability and efficiency come together with the help of strategy implementation, employee performance management and reporting software. The software shows real-time visual updates into the status of a plan, by automating all tracking and reporting, this information keeps employees engaged and working towards a common goal.

Hicks shared with Council how coordinating, alignment and visibility of work equal transparency. This helps the municipality track and better understand where they stand in terms of planning and completion of projects, by being able to track the process in an easier visual way because work plans are measurable.

Hicks goes on to share with Council that with the good work the City has put into the implementation of the software. Hicks uses FSJ as an example of how the program works when sharing the software model with other municipalities.

By using the software, in the future, the information could be integrated by the City shared Hicks onto the web space which can help demonstrate the accomplishments of the administration. This is a healthy position for the City to be in to be able to show the progress of a project to the general public. For example, the progress of the strategic plan.

This will be a way the City can grow confidence in the community by being able to share and track what is going on with local projects in a clear and easy format to understand.

To view the presentation; CLICK HERE

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