FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Gasoline rates are dropping yet not as low as other regions gasoline rates.

With gasoline rates now sitting between 134.9 L to the 139.9 L range, there has been a drop in price since last weeks rates of 145.9 L to 146.9 L. In some cases that is a six cent difference.

Regarding last weeks news story on ‘FSJ Prices Remaining High’, Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum analyst for Gas Buddy says;

“The fact that the gas stations lowered their prices as they did was good, it’s very significant, Gas Stations need to cover their costs and make a living yet not at the expense of what amounts to significant profits.”

Gas stations that bought their fuel two weeks ago, purchased that gas at wholesale prices that were 9 cents higher. Depending on how many litres are left in storage, that fuel is still being liquidated today. Stations still need to factor in the cost of what gas prices are today and consider replacement cost.

McTeague goes on to say “Being a retailer isn’t always about setting a price and picking a number out of thin blue air, The fact is you need to make sure you have prices that cover your costs while at the same time being competitive and not just with other stations within the market locally as people will drive 60/70km down the road if they save on a fill up.”

Prices of fuel in Dawson Creek remain at 125.9 Litre that is still a nine cent difference from the lowest fuel price in FSJ.