FORT ST. JOHN, B.C.- Chamber of Commerce hosted their luncheon with keynote speakers Urban Systems and the City of FSJ focusing talks on building community in the winter months, by small actions and activities such as the High on Ice Festival.

It was full attendance as people filled the Sterling room at the Pomeroy Conference Centre to lunch and listen to Urban Systems present Winter City Strategies. These easily implementable actions can help encourage getting more people outside during the winter months.

FSJ is considered a winter city because of our northern location, the type of weather we experience here and the number of our daylight hours during the winter months. Due to these factors, people tend to overprotect themselves by not exposing themselves to the outside elements if not needed. This is why there is a need for Winter City Strategies.

It is important in winter cities to bring people together socially and economically yet this is a shared responsibility between public and private sectors by taking action through easily implementable micro projects. These are high impact, low resource actions that make a big difference in how people see and move around the city during these colder, darker months.

Sidewalk clearing is a great example of how a person or business can create a safer more enjoyable space to travel by foot at low cost. When sidewalks and bus stops are maintained and kept clear, this makes these areas easier to navigate especially by those that don’t drive or have mobility issues. The City encourages this action by providing free sand for sidewalks.

Another example shared was the consideration of nighttime lighting, as the evenings are darker quicker leaving business lights on or creating visual light displays creates a warm and inviting space to move about in the dark as the atmosphere of lights against the dark and snow makes for a beautiful space rather than unsafe feeling.

Marrissa Jordan Recreation Programmer for the City of FSJ spoke about the upcoming High on Ice Festival and how this event has created a space for people of all ages to come together and celebrate outside in the winter months. Every year the intention is to see this festival grow, to do this the City is seeking Sponsors for this coming Festival scheduled for February 15-18, 2019. The City is welcoming to all types of help whether it is Sponsorship or Volunteerism as a group or individual .There is a need for many hands to make light work for the success of this event.

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